Are you a frustrated parent?

Have you reached your breaking point?

Not sure where to go from here?

“I’m successful at just about everything I do, yet I feel like a complete failure as a parent.”

Is this you…?

• You grew up in a household where yelling was the norm. You hated it so much you vowed to never be that kind of parent. But now that you are a parent, you find that yourself yelling a lot.

• You’re successful at just about everything you do, yet you CANNOT get your four-year-old to stay in bed at night. You feel like a complete failure as a parent.

• Your kids are fighting over the same toy AGAIN. Despite your best efforts they refuse to share so you try to resolve the issue by taking the toy. That’s when the real melt down starts…for all of you!

• You’re trying to get out the door in time. You asked your child to put her shoes on for the 10th time. When you come around the corner, she’s sitting there playing with a toy — no shoes! You’re angry again! You just can’t figure out how to get her to do what you want without yelling.

• Out of the corner of your eye you see your child hit his little sister while you are in a long line at a coffee shop. You don’t want to deal with his behavior so you give him a gadget to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

• Your child is a loner at school. He’s angry a lot. You worry about him. He doesn’t fit in and the more you try to help him fit in the worse it gets.

Truth be told, you want to have a fun loving, peaceful relationship with your kids and enjoy your time as a parent…

But that isn’t happening – at least, not as much as you’d like.

One-to-One Coaching

In Lisa’s signature program, she works with you individually through her nine-step process, delving deep into your childhood, reversing limiting beliefs, parenting from a value-based place and other strategies to change your parenting forever.

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Group Coaching

In small groups, Lisa coaches parents through her nine-step process while fostering an environment where they can learn from one another. Together, Lisa guides the group to higher-brain thinking to permanently shift your parenting.

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“I was desperate to find better way”

Lisa Smith’s Story

Lisa Smith didn’t set out to become a parenting coach. Struggling to raise her son, who she describes as a full contact sport, without yelling, Lisa sought to find a better way that felt like peace while also holding true to her family values.

She discovered the parent-centric method and once implemented, forever forged a new – and more peaceful – path for her and her family.

She decided to shift her entire career to help others do the same, and parent from a place that is values based, harnesses the latest in brain science and applies emotional intelligence.

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Lisa reflects and shares her latest thoughts and ponderings on issues facing modern parents and tips for finding peace.

What Parents Say
"...simply amazing!!!"
  • “Since I’ve started working with Lisa, we have had NO meltdowns and I know this is because I am so much calmer and present with my kids.”

  • “I can’t thank you enough for your coaching. I thought I had ruined the relationships with my children forever until we met you.”

  • “I am forever grateful for what I’ve learned and the support I continue to receive. I feel more connected to my kids now and I love the relationship we have… it’s so different! I still have lots to learn. So many stages and ages. It’s an investment in your family and worth it’s weight in gold!”


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