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The 3-Week Anger Cleanse

Stop the frustration & Increase the peace…
in 3 weeks!

Learn exactly what to do & say to STOP yelling, punishing, and butting heads with your child(ren)! 

In this 3-part Class, I will be showing you exactly what to do and say to stop yelling, punishing and butting heads with your child.

You get instant, lifetime access to 3 audio-lessons, 3 workbooks, and 3 recorded coaching calls with like-minded parents so you can identify your kid’s big emotions, the storms, deal with the anger, and set limits that peacefully stick.

For parents of storming kids, ages 2-18.

3 Weeks to Calm & Confident Parenting

Learn how to navigate big emotions (your’s and your kids) & meltdowns… in 3 weeks!

Improve your relationship with your kid(s) when you embody calm and confidence in your day-to-day parenting.

You get instant, lifetime access to 3 course modules, 3 workbooks (with audio-lessons), and 3 pre-recorded coaching calls with like-minded parents to – 

-How to improve your relationship with your kid (even if you both have big emotions and bigger meltdowns!)
-How to implement your greatest tool for connection, no matter how many “storms” pull you apart!
-Exactly what to say and do as the Calm & Confident Parent you wish to be!


Peace & Quiet: The Crash Course For Peacefully Parenting Your Strong-Willed Kids

Create cooperation & respect in your home… in 11 days (or less!)

The endless power struggles, daily screaming matches, and nights spent crying yourself to sleep END NOW. It’s time to bring peace and quiet into your home… in just 4 steps!

You get instant, lifetime access to 4 course modules to eliminate power struggles and create win/win solutions for the WHOLE family!

For parents of strong-willed kids, ages 2-18.

The Ultimate Sibling Fighting Course

Learn NEW tools to address the OLD problem of sibling rivalry

Fighting between your kids doesn’t have to be “normal” for your family… and it doesn’t have to RUIN everyday of your life!

Learn how to be a Peaceful Parent of multiple kids who regularly fight with each other. Get instant, lifetime access to 4 course modules that dive deep into WHY your kids fight and WHAT to do about it.

For parents of multiple kids, ages 2-18.

Peaceful Parenting 101: The deep dive for busy parents

Make parenting easier… by learning how to do it better (in 4 weeks!)

Parenting is incredibly HARD.

Especially when you are parenting a strong-willed kid. 
Especially when you feel like you’re doing the best you can, and it’s still not enough. 

 But it doesn’t have to go on like this

All you need are a few new tools… and a little practice with SUPPORT!

That’s what my quick-start course Peaceful Parenting 101 is all about. 

I will show you: 

-How to communicate with your child
-What your child is communicating to you when they’re storming 
-How to create a genuine connection
-How to get maximum cooperation

Parenting with more communication, connection, and cooperation is just a click away!


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