Lisa's Method

A brief overview

Learn how Lisa changes lives with her proven process.

Letting Go

Lisa starts by understanding how your own childhood experience shapes your parenting style, and teaches you how to let go of the way you were parented.

Forgiving & Empowering

Lisa then teaches you to identify, process and move through anger and other negative emotions, and to find clarity so your needs can be met along with your child’s.

Emotional Intelligence

Finally you will learn to understand and embrace emotional intelligence (EQ), allowing you to create the ideal conditions for your child’s brain development. 

Let's start with the basic truth:

Parenting is difficult

Yet, when it comes to parenting – arguably one of the most important endeavors we’ll take as human beings – we’re faced with few tools on how to accomplish parenthood successfully.

Rather, we often default to patterns we witness as children – even if we consciously know this is not how we want to parent. We find ourselves angry or frustrated but not sure why. Some may even realize their current parenting style isn’t working, but have no idea how to correct it.

Isn’t it ironic that parenting, as worthy as it is, doesn’t come with some kind of instruction manual?

Designed with every parent in mind, her curriculum helps parents reinvent themselves and parent from a place of peace — no more yelling, threatening or punishing.

Now let's review

The Peaceful Parent Curriculum

Your first steps towards peaceful parenting.

Step 1: Letting Go of the Way You Were Parented

Lisa starts by understanding how your own childhood experience shapes your parenting style. It’s amazing how learning from your own experiences as a child transforms your own parenting.

Step 2: Parenting from YOUR Family’s Values

Coming together to agree upon and define your family values becomes the new foundation for your parenting. When your child asks for something, you can reflect back on your family values for the answer.

 Step 3: Working with Empathy, Feeling and Needs

You’ll learn how to use a new language of connection that will resolve conflict between you, your child, and siblings. Teamwork is possible when a child feels heard.

Step 4: Understanding Brain Development

You will understand the crucial difference between parenting from your middle brain and your higher brain. By parenting from your higher brain, you will calm, centered, creative and open.

Step 5: Forgiveness & Parenting

You will learn to identify, process and move through anger and other negative emotions. Your child’s big emotions like frustration and anger can be moved through rather than something you react to.

Step 6: Empowered Conversations

Not only will you find clarity in what you want, but you will learn how to express it clearly. From a peaceful and empowered place, you will learn how your needs can be met, as well as your child’s.

It all starts from within.
Bringing it all together.

Step 7: Setting Limits that Peacefully Stick

Limits are not threats or punishments. It’s about taking the child’s feelings and needs into account without punishment or blame. When you do this, you help your child understand the consequences on a big-picture level.

Step 8: Recovering from Mistakes and Finding Forgiveness

Let’s be honest, we all lose our stuff from time to time. All of us! In this step you learn how to own your mistakes, talk to your kids in a productive way, make amends and move on.

Step 9: Emotional Intelligence

You will understand and embrace emotional intelligence (EQ), which will grow and develop through the experiences your child has with you. You learn how to create ideal conditions for your child’s brain development.

As you move through the nine steps, you’ll be able to take the lessons and apply them immediately to forever shift your approach to parenting. Your future, more peaceful self, will thank you.

One-to-One Coaching

You’ll receive individualized coaching from Lisa in safe, productive and judgment-free environment. You’ll be taken through Lisa’s nine-step process of weekly 50-minute calls, exercises and customized coaching based on your family’s needs.

Group Coaching

At a more accessible price point, Lisa takes a small group of parents through her nine-step process in a way that’s collaborative and intimate. This consists of weekly 50-minute calls, as well as group and personalized exercises. 

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