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"Lisa is a parenting ally, mentor, and resource."

Lisa Smith has worked with parents around the world to arm them with the tools they need to be the best parent possible. Here are their stories.

“Before training with Lisa, I felt like I was surviving parenting. My oldest would have these huge feelings about everything and it would derail the peace in our home in seconds. I didn’t know really what to do with it. Now that I’ve learned that children are always just trying to get their needs met, now I approach those huge feelings as a detective trying to figure just what he needs. I feel more in control and at peace with my parenting. I’m excited to learn with my boys, and I’m really proud of myself for giving this priceless gift to them. By going through the Peaceful Parenting classes with Lisa Smith, I really look forward to a bright future. Lisa Smith is a wonderful coach and I know she has changed the course for my family. She is simply amazing!!!” -Cathy Weise

Meet a few more

Peaceful Parents

It is my greatest joy to watch families transform through our work together.

You know you are ready when:

-You know there must be a better way but aren’t sure what it is
-You are open to feedback and trying new ideas
-You want more for your family
-The joys of parenting are far and few between
-The cost of not addressing conflict is greater than the expense of investing in change

Here are the stories of some of the parents I have worked with:

Jennifer Lawhead
“When I began working with Lisa, I had an extremely difficult time setting boundaries with my 5-year-old and 2-year-old. Enforcing discipline was painful for me and I found myself caving often. During my time with Lisa, we worked together at the root of my parenting challenges and discovered I had a problem with conflict. Instead of facing conflict head on, I avoided it. It was a fact I knew about myself, but now that I’m a parent, it was important to overcome this fear. Every week, as we moved through Lisa’s curriculum, I could feel myself getting stronger as I implemented what she taught me in my everyday interactions with my children. My biggest surprise? My relationship with my kids deepened because I demonstrated consistency. I cannot believe the change in our household, and most importantly me, in just 10 weeks.”

Erin Sheidt
“Before I started training with Lisa, I felt like I was always yelling at my child. Now that I’ve incorporated peaceful parenting, we take the time together to work through the situation. I think what’s changed most for me is my overall way of parenting, that I only knew from my own childhood experiences. Instead of just reacting to the situation, I get curious and not furious. I engage with my child to discuss her feelings with me to try to understand the need that isn’t being met. By making small adjustments to our rituals, understanding our values, focusing on being present and by applying the peace process, Lisa has helped our family resolve situations and have a better connection. I’m excited to allow my girls this opportunity for openness and communication at such a young age, with the hopes and intentions that it will continue through the teenage years. I’m really proud of myself for setting this time aside, trying something new and getting my husband on board to believe that this system does work and together we can both be better parents. Thank you for all you do, you are AMAZING!”

Haley Fagan
“At first I was apprehensive to join, not knowing who the other ladies were or anything about the process. But after drilling down into my childhood and my past, I started to paint the picture of how I wanted to parent. Setting limits and feeling your feelings on the surface sounds so easy, but in reality is very hard to do. Now when an issue arises I am very self aware of the impact I can make on my family simply by listening to them first, without judging and having empathy. Finding out how they are feeling and creating a family dynamic where they know it’s okay to feel your feelings is eye opening. I know now that when I am angry, it’s simply because I have a need that is not being met. And same goes for my kids. Your ideas work! Setting the alarm for the kids – worked! No TV in the morning = peaceful morning!

Thank you for peeling back the surface and looking into my heart, mind and soul and assisting me with all of my life questions. You are an incredible listener, an insightful coach, and truly an unbiased advice giver! From my whole heart, thank you for all of your time and energy and friendship!”

Ali & Mike Gaynor
“Before my husband and I started training with Lisa, I felt like we were constantly fighting the same battles with our 3 kiddos & resorting to threats (no iPad, no tv, etc). Now that we’ve learned so many great tools, I think what’s changed most for us is our consistency to our family’s values & not reacting each time something doesn’t go as we’d like! We take vacations, eat out and spend so much on their sports, but never invested in making us better parents, one of the most important things! So happy we gave Lisa a go as I feel like the understanding we now have w/ our children has changed everything for the better. Thank you Lisa for your time, honestly and your many great tips & tools to become the best parents we can – it was all so eye opening and something we use on a daily basis!”

Jolette Jai
“Lisa’s mastery of creating lasting change in parents’ and children’s lives is unparalleled. I am astounded by the ease, grace and mastery that Lisa exhibits when working with parents to achieve lasting results and deep connections between parent and child. If you get the opportunity to work with Lisa, you are truly blessed!”

Carole Downing
“Lisa creates a space as a coach that helps me rise to the call of transformation. She assesses the underlying needs in a situation with great clarity and identifies the truth from a place of grounded compassion. She walks her talk, speaks her mind and supports clients from a heart filled connection that is the perfect environment for lasting change. She has walked the road of transforming her own parenting and is an expert guide for those ready to experience a tremendous shift in the way they parent.“

“I have two boys and was excited to work with Lisa on ways to be a more positive and compassionate parent. The coaching has been a very positive influence on our family. Lisa is an amazing, nonjudgmental listener who always seems to have good ideas on ways to resolve difficult issues.”

Heidi from Iowa
“I am so grateful that I started working with Lisa. I had been struggling for years to parent my spirited 8 year old with more peacefulness and connection. I also needed help to let go of the quilt that I was carrying around for every time that I “screwed up” in dealing with my daughter. Lisa offered wonderful quidance and support but also, and maybe most importantly, tools to move forward toward peaceful parenting. These tools have not only been helpful to me as a parent, but also to me in my relationship with myself and with others.”

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