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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Body Image Q&A for Parents
Last week, we had an amazing episode with Corinne Crabtree all about parenting for a positive body image. This week, I’m joined by a wonderful guest who is currently in the middle of this work, changing her own paradigms when it comes to body neutrality and parenting her kids through the same experience. Hannah is...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Parenting for Positive Body Thoughts with Corinne Crabtree
Do you have an opinion about your child’s body being too big or too small? Or do you have negative thoughts about your own body? As you’ll hear this week, the way we think about and speak about our own body impacts the way our children think and speak about theirs. So, how can we...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Go the Distance When Holding the Limits
Have you ever tried to break down your limits with your child during one of their storms? Yes? Well, let me stop you right there. Is during a storm really the best time to connect? Do you need to connect in that way? This week, I make space for all the different ways we can...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Elevate Your Parenting: Inside The Hive Membership
This week, Hannah, a longtime Hive Member, is *mic-drop* interviewing me! We are turning the tables to discuss all things Hive, my parent coaching community. For those of you who are new here: Hello! My name is Lisa Smith, I am the master-certified parent coach behind the Real World Peaceful Parenting Podcast and The Hive...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Want to Connect with Your Kids? Do Less: A Real World Coaching Conversation with Kate and Lyra
The days are long, and the time is short. This saying is on my mind a lot lately, especially as my son, Malcolm, heads off to his first year of college. It’s hard to remember this when things feel overwhelming, and we’re trying to power through a million things on our to-do list. But parenting...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | How to Parent Without Panic
Do you have a fear that you are afraid your child will inherit? Do you find yourself spinning catastrophic stories about your child’s future because of your own shadow side? This week, we discuss the nuances of teaching and accepting our limits as parents. A simple reality of parenting is that we cannot teach our...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | When Anger Comes Up: Real Time Parenting with Dina
As parents, we are bound to feel angry at times. This week, we talk about real-world moments of anger with my guest, Dina. By looking deeply at our experiences, we can learn to set ourselves up for success next time. Dina is a champion of The Hive; she has been a member for 2 years...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Why Raising “Successful Kids” Is Not the Point with Kiva Schuler
Are you worried about your child finding success? Let me stop you right there. Raising kids to be good, perfect, or successful will not set them up for a healthy, independent life. This week, I talk about “successful kids” with one of my favorite leaders in the parenting landscape: Kiva Schuler. Kiva is the founder...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | 3 Ways to Suck at Parenting
I’ve been having conversations with my clients lately about the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves as parents. It’s like when we expect ourselves to be the very best at every single subject in school, or every single sport out there. It’s impossible, right? But some of us are still running ourselves ragged trying to...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting Lisa Smith | Get Some Sleep with Brandon Reed
Sleepless nights can bring out the worst in our parenting. Scientifically, we all know how important sleep is for overall health, and this is especially true for our children. In my conversation this week with Brandon Reed, we talk about self-soothing techniques, what wakes babies at night, and the importance of sleep hygiene. When Brandon’s...
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