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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | How Do I Get My Kids to Stop Disrespecting Me?
Do you feel like your kids constantly disrespect you? I used to marinate in the thought that my son was disrespectful. Whenever he was storming or not doing as he was told, I would think to myself how disrespectful he was and become frustrated and angry. But then I opened my mind to other possibilities...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | No, Stop, and Don’t: How to Change Your Approach and Get Your Kids to Listen
No. Stop. Don’t. As parents, these words come up a lot. If you’ve found yourself saying these more often than you’d like, it’s no wonder you’re feeling like a broken record. But your voice becomes your child’s inner voice, so what inner voice are you creating for your kids when you say these words? Instead of...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | What to do When Your Child Says “I Hate You”
Has your child ever got so mad and told you that they hate you? It feels terrible, right? It can be difficult when our kids are full of raw, loud anger and emotion to not lose our temper and respond with an outburst of our own. But when we know better, we do better, and this week,...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | Understanding a Strong-Willed Kid: A First-Hand Account with Malcolm Smith
I could not be more excited to bring you today’s topic on strong-willed kids, and who better to discuss this topic than my strong-willed son, Malcolm. Malcolm considers himself a strong-willed kid, and he is my greatest teacher and the reason I am a parent coach today. A strong-willed person can solve problems on their...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | How to Hit Rewind on Your Parenting
Have you ever said something to your kids like, “Don’t talk to me like that…” or, “Stop disrespecting me, right now…” I know I have, too many times. Well, in this episode, we’re going to work on moving away from using statements like this with your kids because, while they may seem like perfectly reasonable...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | The Fantasy of Parenting
When we find out we’re going to have a baby, many of us have this fantasy of what parenting will look like. We think we have it all covered, we’re going to do this parenting thing and we’re going to do it perfectly. Then you have a child who missed this memo, and things don’t...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | How to Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time – Without Yelling!
Listening can be a big challenge while parenting, and it can feel like the only way to get your kids to listen to you is by yelling. And you don’t like yelling, right? I hear you – no judgment here. Today’s episode has the power to change how you look at yelling for a long time to...
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Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | Why Failures Are a Gift with Learning Resource Expert Kristin Venberg
It is a privilege to welcome this week’s guest to the show where we’ll be discussing why allowing your kids to fail is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Failure is a great lesson in critical thinking, understanding the connection between actions and consequences, and it equips your child...
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This week, I’m welcoming my first-ever guest onto the podcast, and I am so excited to introduce my friend and long-time mentor, Susan Hyatt. Susan is an example of what is possible in the world, and if you want to know how to love yourself and be a great model for your children, Susan is...
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Why Don’t My Kids Listen?
Don’t you think it’s interesting that we expect our kids to listen all the time, upon command, even though we don’t necessarily do it ourselves? We’re not born with the skill of listening, it’s something that needs to be learned, and the same goes for our children. Malcolm Gladwell’s principle is that it takes about...
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