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Audio Interview – Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith

Peaceful Parenting With Lisa Smith Audio interview by Laura Yamin of   You are listening to Say Yes Podcast, episode 111 Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing that scares you every day.”  This show is about saying yes to those actions, big and small that push you closer to who you want to...
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Rules, Rules, Rules

A couple months ago I went on a trip away from my family. I try to go away at least once a year and plan my business, challenge myself physically and recharge. So after 6 nights away I returned home. My son (11 years old) was very excited to see me. In fact he jumped...
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Quitting Sugar Changed My Parenting

I am working on my nutrition and my overall health. With that in mind, I decided to say good-bye to sugar. See you later baby! Wow! Holly Moly did this really bring up my stuff! One of the most profound discoveries was that I was using sugar to mask some of my biggest parenting challenges....
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Life Lesson: Consult The Experts

A few years ago my husband and I attended “Unleash the Power Within” with Tony Robbins. It as an amazing 4 days. We walked on fire, learned a ton about ourselves, healed our pasts, forgave, designed a plan for our future and generally had an amazing time. Tony, of course, was fantastic, amazing, inspiring, smart,...
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I Was Teaching My Son To Be Angry

I was one of those people that said if I ever have kids I would raise them differently than I was raised and I meant it. Then I had a boy that I loved more than anything and I often found myself doing what I said I wouldn’t do and parenting in a way I...
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