The Blessing of Compassion

Today was 1st day of school at a new school and a bit scary for both of us. I asked the Universe since Sunday for lots of patience and understanding with my boy for the next few days. I really wanted to hold the space for him feel his feelings and I feel so good that I have been able to give that to him for the last couple of days beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

I was able to admit today on the way to school how scared I was. There was a coffee after drop off and I walked into the building not knowing a soul! For me that is about as uncomfortable as I get. On the way to school this morning I had a couple of moments in the car where I realized I was getting triggered by limiting beliefs that were not productive in anyway for me or my boy. I was able to see how sneaky my mind is by trying to shift the focus off of me and my uncomfortableness and put it onto my boy. In the past I would have run with this partially to distract myself and partially out of habit… but now (post parent coach training!) I am so much wiser and onto myself. I know to just observe my thoughts and have compassion for myself. I know those limiting beliefs are not true nor do I have to think them. I know I can find  better thoughts and choose peace even while feeling massively uncomfortable!

As I walked my boy to his classroom, I was overcome with strong feelings of sadness that he is the new boy once again. He waved good bye and off he went to find his people never looking back! Kids are resilient! I then realized as I look around at all the parents hugging, smiling and catching up and that once again I am the new mom who has to forge my way. I decided to just have compassion for myself in that moment! I kept repeating “Just breath and love yourself Lisa! All is ok!” After a few minutes of repeating the mantra I was able to put one foot in front of the other and make my way to the room where the coffee was being served. It turned out I met some really nice people and we already have a play date set up for Friday.

I know it turned out as it should but for a couple hours this morning I experience a high level of anxiety that was supported with a big dose of compassion for myself! As I sit here writing this I realized how wonderful the tool of compassion really is for me and my family. I realize that as I continue to develop the compassion muscle, I will continue to enjoy peace as a parent and as a human!

If you’d like to know more about developing compassion for your child and yourself, send me a PM. I have coaching slots available for the fall!

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