Life Lesson: Consult The Experts

A few years ago my husband and I attended “Unleash the Power Within” with Tony Robbins. It as an amazing 4 days. We walked on fire, learned a ton about ourselves, healed our pasts, forgave, designed a plan for our future and generally had an amazing time. Tony, of course, was fantastic, amazing, inspiring, smart, motivating and totally wiling to be open and vulnerable. He is a great speaker, story-teller and coach. I couldn’t and still can’t get enough of him. He is someone I’d love to have dinner with and pick his brain.

Of all the things I took away form that weekend, the best and most lasting concept by far was “consult the experts”! This concept was life changing for me and one I use to this day.

Why It Works

If you know me, you may know I am not big on asking for help. I even hate to stop and ask for directions. Yes, there are some of us gals the would rather drive around and find our destination on our own than stop and ask for help!

What I learned about consult the experts is that this plays well into my strengths. Once I make a decision and set a goal, I am ready to go and rather than do a ton of research, starting and stopping, learning and fumbling as a newbie, I now consult an expert. And it feels so good to have a team of experts that can help me!

Typically, in the time allotted, I could not gain 1/10th of the knowledge the experts can offer me. A true expert has walked the journey, has years of experience, has made the mistakes and put in the hours. When I access this trusted expert, I get to use all of his/her experiences to factor into my decisions, learn from and bring on board. Experience is the greatest teacher as the saying goes!

Real Life Example

For example, I recently decided to take up running again and I needed good running shoes as I have bad feet (real awful bunion) and had knee surgery 4 years ago. I was overwhelmed by the shoe choices so I called my friend Tracy. Tracy is a top triathlete (sponsorship and all) and worked at a Tri Store selling shoes among other things! And, to top it off, we have similar feet.

One phone call to Tracy, a few questions later and bam, I now am running on great shoes that have the latest technology and fit my feet well! I know Tracy has tried every shoe on the market and without much effort on my part I have the best shoes for me as I pound the pavement again!

Your Parenting Expert

My point? Asking for help from experts is not only ok but a VERY efficient way to run your life! Experts are all around you. Experts love to use their experience to help and guide. I am sure you have plenty of experts right in your circle.

Take me for example, I am in your circle and I help parents bring new tools to their families. I help moms and dads move away from yelling, resorting to threats, dolling our punishments, offering ultimatums and bribing with rewards to manipulate. When they imagined being a parent…this is not what they had in mind. Many parents I work with want to connect deeply with their kids but don’t know how. They also want their kids to listen to them, stop yelling, cooperate more, open up, put their shoes on when asked and spend less time on their phone/ipad/xbox! Can you relate?

I am your parenting expert that has tools, training experience and RESULTS both in my own family and many, many other families that have worked with me.

So just know that I am here. You have a parenting coach on call! Waiting to help you, guide you and share tools that are effective and get results!

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Lisa Smith

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