I want my kid to be more ______________!

Take a moment to fill in the blank…honestly
I want my child to be ________!

Maybe more calm?

More gentle?

More assertive?

Less emotional?

More creative?

My instagram post (https://www.instagram.com/the_peaceful_parent/) today says…

You cannot expect to raise calm and gentle kids, if you are not! (Author unknown)

A friend recently shared this wisdom with me.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks and since then I have been observing my own parenting and those around me.

Currently I am on vacation at a beautiful, family-friendly tropical resort. Lots of families and kids of all ages!

This concept has become even more obvious to me as I look around (with truly no judgment!). I see a calm mom walking with 3 kids under 5..all calmly walking. I see a loud mom and dad with 3 girls all laughing loudly and really enjoying themselves. I see an extended family of high energy people and the tweens following suit.

I know in my own family this is also true!

My hubby and I each have an intensity that is often off the charts! We are intensity experts!

Our own boy….extremely intense with this feelings, wants and goals! I see this so clearly now!

Our biggest challenges as a family? When his intensity meets my intensity. Shazam! Kapow! Fireworks!
As I look ahead to 2017, I ask myself what new emotions or energies can I introduce to him, not by my words but by my actions.

See how this work?

Ok now your homework? Simply fill in the blanks…

If I want my child to be ______, I must show him __________.

I’d love to hear your answers! Together we can all grow!

I look forward to being your guide toward peaceful parenting.

Lisa Smith
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