[STUDY] 95% chance of being the parent you want to be….

When it comes to parenting most of us don’t always feel like we know exactly what we are doing. And parenting is something we all want to be great at! And if you are like I used to be, there are times it feels like you are doing it all wrong. This can be a lonely, sad, guilt-ridden, shameful place.
The American Society of Training and Development recently calculated the probably of completing a goal.
They found that you have a 10% chance of completing a goal when you have an idea around a goal. An example of this might be I would like to parent differently but have no idea how to do that. This is the beginning of an awakening.
They found you have a 50% chance of completing a goal when you plan for how you will do it. An example might be I will read a parenting book by the end of the month and hope I learn something and hope it helps. This is the DIY (do it yourself) zone and for some it works, but for most of us it isn’t enough effort, investment or commitment to effect change, let alone long, lasting change.
They found you have a 65% chance of completing a goal when you commit to someone or have them hold you accountable.
Now for the good news…..
The found you have a 95% probability of completing a goal when you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to. This is what a great coach does with clients who are ready!
This is you and me on the phone each week focusing on you and your goals. I am coaching you, supporting you, holding you accountable, helping you over come obstacles and celebrating your successes.
I am there each week to stretch you so you can show up and have big shifts in your parenting. So you can achieve the transformation that you dream about. I take a stand for your long term, lasting results so you can put your struggles around parenting behind you ONCE AND FOR ALL and enjoy deep connection with your kids.
Take a moment to take that in. What would that be like for you? Are you at a place where you can even imagine what that would feel like? Is that what you desire for yourself and your kids? Are you ready to pro-actively pursue the change you want?
How do you know if you are ready?
You are ready if…
You are tired of the way things are going in your house.
You want to be on the same page with your significant other while parenting.
You lay in bed at night and worry about where this is headed.
You find yourself angry all the time when parenting. And maybe not sure why.
You desperately want to feel confident and calm even when things aren’t going well (yes, that is totally possible)
Simply put you want something more for you, your kids, your entire family.
You know coaching is an investment – of your energy, commitment, hope, and yes, finances, but you still feel ready, scared and excited all rolled up into one.
Coaching isn’t for everyone, it only works for those ready and willing to own their own responsibility and influence in the outcome they want for themselves and their family.
Right now I have a couple openings in my schedule, so if you’re ready to create the change you want, let’s consider the possibility together.
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