Are you ready for back to school?

Scrolling thru Facebook and Instagram, I see lots of pictures of big smiles of kids starting school.

Everything from pre-K to college. I love seeing the smiles, the first day of school signs, the stoic pictures from the high schoolers and the freshman moving into the dorm pictures!

They are all awesome and reminded me change with our children is inevitable. (My own son just started high school!)

They grow, they develop, they test, they struggle…

And we sometimes we struggle with the growth, the testing, the defiance! #thestruggleisreal

So my question is… how are you growing and evolving in your parenting? My coach said to me today “we grow where we focus”.

Maybe you want to grow in your parenting but you don’t know how. (Or maybe you just want to stop yelling and being angry with your kids all the time.)

Maybe you think you don’t have time to focus on your parenting. You are just trying to work, put dinner on the table, get teeth brushed and keep some semblance of calm and peace in the house.

Maybe you feel alone, and think no one else is experiencing the same challenges you are.

Maybe you don’t know where to start. It all feels so overwhelming.

Maybe you feel like you just got last month’s issues sorted and holy cow there is a whole new slew of issues/questions that have reared their faces!

I hear you! I totally get it.

A N D  Here’s what I want you to know….

You are not alone! You are not!

Let me ask you… how would it feel to:

Know, truly know, you are not alone?

Have ongoing support from like-minded parents in-community who are struggling with the exact same issues?

Have your own parent coach in your back pocket and be able to talk to me live once a week with no effort other than clicking on a link on your computer?

Be able to dig into what is going on in your family and get help that works! (with NO judgement from anyone)!!!!?

And best yet, have the advice work, and move your family forward to become the family you have always dreamed of?

I know life is busy and you don’t have oodles of hours in your day to work on your parenting, no matter how much you want to. I get it.

So with YOU in mind I created The Hive.

It’s a one-of-its-kind community for parents to receive ongoing support in overcoming parenting styles that don’t work – all while still holding grace for ourselves as people who don’t always “get it right!”

This is PERFECT for you if you’d like consistent parenting help without buying a coaching package, seeking answers from random parents in internet forums, or taking a parenting course that requires constant work and attention. #nohomework


Inside The Hive, you’ll get:

  • 4 LIVE Coaching calls (one per week) to ask me ALL your parenting questions (and benefit from the Q&A of other like-minded parents)*
  • Easy-to-access recordings of the live calls (so you can listen while driving, watching your son’s football game, or folding laundry)
  • Support and advice from other parents (and constant reassurance that you’re NOT the only parent struggling with a strong-willed child!)
  • A monthly lesson (including live calls and a workbook) to consistently learn new parenting tools, with topics such as:
    • Anger in parenting
    • “Get curious, not furious!”
    • Technology & kids
    • Setting limits & creating boundaries
    • Understanding the teen brain
    • Love languages
    • Culture of mistakes
    • …and much more!

*Live calls are scheduled to include ALL timezones! No matter where you live in the world, there will be two calls per month during your waking hours.

And don’t worry… this group is specifically designed for busy-as-a-bee parents who don’t have time for anything resembling a college night course.

EVERYTHING in this group is optional, and it’s impossible to “fall behind”.

When life gets crazy, skip the live calls and lessons as needed…

And if you’re starting to feel clueless and stressed about parenting again, all of the live call recordings and lesson materials will be right there, ready for you to access at any time.

Think of The Hive as #parenting school! (With no homework!)

So I want to personally invite you to join The Hive and let’s go to school!


So get a cool new (glittery or Star Wars or moleskin) notebook and let’s get started!

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