Parenting with an open mind and fresh eyes

This past Sunday, I went to a hot yoga class. It has been awhile since I have stepped foot in a yoga studio. Awhile! 

The day before I was nervous. I was thinking-can I do this? Will I survive 90 minutes of hot yoga? Will I remember what to do? Will my body remember the poses? Will I look like a beginner? 

Ugh! I was reminded how much I hate looking like a beginner! 

Then magic happened! I was listening to a favorite podcast, and the host was talking eloquently about a beginner’s mind, which ironically is a yoga/meditation concept (and a strong Buddhist principe). 

A beginner’s mind is essential in learning. 

A beginner’s mind is showing up with curiosity. 

It’s about learning the same concepts over and over at deeper levels.

It’s dropping our expectations and preconceived ideas about something, and seeing things with an open mind, fresh eyes, just like a beginner.*

If you show up with a beginner’s mind, you’re present for the whole experience. 

You’re curious and you’re interested and you’re attentive and you learn so much more.

At the end of yoga, it hit me! A beginner’s mind is the foundation of Peaceful Parenting!

  • It’s letting go of anything you think you should know but don’t really believe 
  • It’s letting go of trying to achieve or being advanced
  • It’s banning the desire to be “right”
  • It’s dropping everything that isn’t working
  • It’s dropping your judgements (for you AND your kids)
  • It’s approaching parenting with a set of fresh eyes
  • It’s letting go of the things you think you should be doing
  • It’s letting go of what was modeled for you as a child that isn’t working
  • It’s not blindly following what others prescribe unless it feels right and is working
  • It’s letting go of what is working for others but not for you and your kids
  • It’s co-creating with your kids
  • It’s getting curious, not furious
  • It’s trying new tools, concepts and ideas from a place of curiosity
  • It’s getting what you need and helping your kids get what they need

Brené Brown says true connection is when we feel seen, heard and valued. 

This is peaceful parenting! 

And the beginner’s mind can help us all stay in that place of curiosity, without judgment where we can strive for ALL family members to feel seen, heard and valued. 

The practice of beginner’s mind can transform your parenting. Try it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


P.S. With a beginner’s mind I finished the yoga class. And I noticed that I dropped all expectations, worry, anxiety and just enjoyed the experience with curiosity and without judgement. 

P.S.S. Not sure how? Stay tuned, next week I’ll share the 4 steps to bringing a beginner’s mind to your parenting!


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