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Becoming the parent you want to be… start here.

For most of us school is in full swing in North America and we just enjoyed a 4 day weekend. I hope you were able to find a bit of time for self care. Self care is a big component of Peaceful Parenting (but that is a topic for a different day)! What did you do...
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Are you ready for back to school?

Scrolling thru Facebook and Instagram, I see lots of pictures of big smiles of kids starting school. Everything from pre-K to college. I love seeing the smiles, the first day of school signs, the stoic pictures from the high schoolers and the freshman moving into the dorm pictures! They are all awesome and reminded me...
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When your kid isn’t turning out the way you thought they would.

Sometimes as parents, well, I think pretty much every time, we find out that we’re pregnant and gonna have a baby, there’s this fantasy that comes up…We have this fantasy of what parenting is gonna be like…This vision, this dream, this fantasy really does feel good.We read ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ and we...
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Superkey for situations with your strong-willed child?

Have you been following along with this month’s emails? I’ve had some amazing feedback on the actionable tips I give in these newsletters, and I’d love to know if you’ve tried out some of the tools and seen a positive impact from using them. So far we’ve covered: When people judge your parenting… – You...
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When your kid yells at you – DO THIS

Last week, I wrote to you about how we can find it really difficult when we feel that others are watching how we are parenting and when we feel that we are being judged by them. If you missed it, you can find that post HERE. I said that this week I wanted to give...
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