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Superkey for situations with your strong-willed child?

Have you been following along with this month’s emails? I’ve had some amazing feedback on the actionable tips I give in these newsletters, and I’d love to know if you’ve tried out some of the tools and seen a positive impact from using them. So far we’ve covered: When people judge your parenting… – You...
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When your kid yells at you – DO THIS

Last week, I wrote to you about how we can find it really difficult when we feel that others are watching how we are parenting and when we feel that we are being judged by them. If you missed it, you can find that post HERE. I said that this week I wanted to give...
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When people judge your parenting…

And then her mother-in-law looked at her like she was the world’s worst mother. She had to break up her kids when the fighting got rough… The kids stood there red-faced, with sweaty foreheads, hair sticking up, ready for round two. She had had enough… It’s really triggering as a parent when you don’t feel...
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Join me on the Commonly Uncommon podcast with Trent Hogg

Today I am really excited to share a podcast with you. I was interviewed by Trent Hogg, of the podcast Commonly Uncommon. He read my book and as the father of a young boy, he was eager to dig into my book and talk about anger and peaceful parenting.The result is an open, honest conversation...
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I want my kid to be more ______________!

Take a moment to fill in the blank… honestly I want my child to be ________! Maybe more calm? More gentle? More assertive? Less emotional? More creative? One of my instagram posts says… You cannot expect to raise calm and gentle kids, if you are not! (Author unknown)   A friend recently shared this wisdom...
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