Get comfortable with the uncomfortable  

Parenting is not easy and parenting strong-willed children is a special treat all its own 😉

This weekend we had a huge storm in our house. I mean a really, really big storm with our son and many parts of it are still too tender to talk about.

I refer to our kids’ big behaviors (yelling, whining, melting down, tantrums at any age) as “storming”.

Before I became a parent coach and began working with families, I was very uncomfortable with storming. VERY! My mind would go to a wild place, I would get triggered by fear and I would start to storm right along side my son!

Back to this weekend, I usually can anticipate when the storm is coming but this one caught me off guard.

During the storm, I was acutely aware of the fact that I was completely comfortable with the uncomfortableness of the storm itself.

I knew we were going to get through it. I know that we have the tools to weather the storm (in this case angry, defiant, out of control behavior). I also knew that once the storm ran its course, we could go into repair and recover mode and I know how to come out the other side stronger as a family and more connected.

I also didn’t make the storm and my son’s behavior mean that I’m a bad mom. I didn’t make it mean there was something wrong with my son. I didn’t make it mean something or someone needed to be fixed. These are triggers that are not helpful especially during the storm and no longer have a place in my parenting.

As a result, I felt very calm and confident while leading my family through the storm.

I was the eye of the storm…the calm center.

As we parent our kids today, especially are strong-willed ones, the odds are high that there are going to be many storms along the way.

And I’m not gonna lie to you, the storms never feel good for anyone, but if I can be the eye of the storm (read: as the calm, confident leader of my family), so can Y O U !

How you ask?

I help parents find their way so they can lead and guide their children through the storm with empathy, kindness, and calmness. Better yet, YOU help them through the storm without getting triggered yourself…this is key to keeping the “peace” in peaceful parenting!

Part of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable comes from the confidence that you know what you’re doing and you have the right tools in place that work best for you and your family.

So I ask you, “Are you comfortable with the uncomfortable? And if not, what do you think it would look and feel like for you to be the calm and peaceful leader your family needs?”

You can do it.

And if you’re ready, I can help you.

Click HERE to schedule a No-Obligation, complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call with me and we can talk about this.

Lisa Smith
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Lisa Smith

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