How Peaceful Parenting can solve Hate & Division

I was recently asked why I chose to be a parent coach.

Initially, my biggest reason was for my own benefit. As a former dominant parent of a still very strong willed child, I realized I needed, no make that wanted, to parent differently.

After my own amazing transformation in my family, I realized I wanted to share the tools of Peaceful Parenting with everyone. I wanted every family to have access to a better way that leads to deep connection and peace in the home.

And now many years later and having worked with hundreds of families, it is the current events of today that really motivate me to do this work. To show up for my clients and help parents make that deep lasting connection with their children of all ages.

What I know about lasting connection is that it cannot happen without everyone feeling heard and everyone, kids included, getting their needs met!

My mission is to help parents connect deeply with their children. Understand their feelings and needs. When we feel heard we can hear others. We can meet our own needs, we can honor our feelings and respect others’ feelings.

And it all starts at home. As parents you are the first and most powerful teacher of your children. You “show” your children how you feel about you, themselves and others through modeling…not just what you say, but what you do.

You also teach your children how to show up in the world when you honor their feelings and needs or don’t honor them.

I look at some of the leaders in the world today and wonder how they would show up differently if they had felt heard as a child. If they had gotten their needs met when young. I feel pretty confident we would not be in state of divide and hate. We are less connected than ever as a nation. I don’t see empathy, listening, compromise. I see lots of adults who have no idea how to access their feelings and meet their own needs. I know that was modeled for them as children. And based on brain science I know they are modeling that for their children now.

Do you like what you are modeling for your children? Do you know what they need? Can they access their feelings? Are all feelings welcomed in the home?

It takes effort, courage and commitment to change the direction of your family. To take you, your children and their children in a new trajectory for generations to come. But so worth it! It could be some of the best work you do while here on the planet. I speak from experience.

So back to my why-it is the current events of today that really motivate me to do this work. To show up for my clients and help parents forge deep lasting connections with their children of all ages because I believe that Peaceful Parenting changes the world one family at a time! And our children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. I dream of a world of Peaceful Leaders that can access their feelings and needs!

Want help modeling something new for your kids? Want to access everyone’s feelings and needs? Ready to do your best work on the planet and point your family in a new direction?

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Lisa Smith
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Lisa Smith

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