Introducing the Real World Peaceful Parenting Podcast

Introducing Real World Peaceful ParentingWelcome to the Real World Peaceful Parenting podcast with Lisa Smith!

Are you tired of yelling at your kids? Do you sometimes feel like they don’t listen or respect you? Do you feel like the worst parent EVER? You’re not alone, there is hope!

Join Lisa Smith — Mom, Master Certified Parent Coach, Author and Speaker — as she helps turn frustrated parents — who regularly default to yelling, threatening and punishing — into peaceful leaders within their households. As a former dominant parent, she has found the path to Peaceful Parenting and is dedicated to helping other parents find their way too! 

But be warned, this is not a “foo foo” podcast that’s going to tell you to let your kids do whatever they want without any rules or limitations. Each week Lisa will share the exact methods and step-by-step strategies she used to transform from an angry, controlling mom who was constantly upset with her son and husband, into a calm, confident and connected leader in her home.


I’m giving away a $50 gift card to use on one of my Peaceful Parent courses to 10 lucky listeners. Keep reading to find out how you can enter!


Listen to the first episodes:

  • Ep #1: How to Become a Peaceful Parent – For my first episode, I’m telling you about my own experiences with my old parenting techniques (cue lots of yelling and frustration!) and how discovering a new way of parenting enabled me to feel calmer, happy and connected as a parent.
  • Ep #2: How to Listen to Your Kids So It Makes a Difference – I’m sharing a simple tool that can change the dynamic in your family overnight. I’m showing you how easy it is to commit to the practice of peaceful parenting and how to use this incredible tool to promote healing and transformation in your family.
  • Ep #3: The Pledge: The Most Important Work You Can Do – I’m sharing my four-step process to help bring peaceful parenting into your family, and how to integrate it into the fabric of who you are without guilt, shame, or judgment. There’s no better time to commit to the practice of peaceful parenting than NOW!


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