Real World Peaceful Parenting with Lisa Smith | Why Failures Are a Gift with Learning Resource Expert Kristin Venberg
It is a privilege to welcome this week’s guest to the show where we’ll be discussing why allowing your kids to fail is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Failure is a great lesson in critical thinking, understanding the connection between actions and consequences, and it equips your child...
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This week, I’m welcoming my first-ever guest onto the podcast, and I am so excited to introduce my friend and long-time mentor, Susan Hyatt. Susan is an example of what is possible in the world, and if you want to know how to love yourself and be a great model for your children, Susan is...
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Why Don’t My Kids Listen?
Don’t you think it’s interesting that we expect our kids to listen all the time, upon command, even though we don’t necessarily do it ourselves? We’re not born with the skill of listening, it’s something that needs to be learned, and the same goes for our children. Malcolm Gladwell’s principle is that it takes about...
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Why Do My Kids Storm, Meltdown, Cry, and Fight? (And What to Do About It)
Do you know why your kids behave the way they do? If not, you are not alone. Whether they’re fighting or screaming, slamming doors, or storming, there’s a reason they’re behaving in this way. In this episode, I’m showing you why this is happening and how understanding it will enable you to create a better...
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Do THIS to Say Goodbye to Parent Guilt!
Have you ever had a build-up of stress and pressure in your life, and then lost it with your child? We’ve all been there, I get it. You’re plagued with guilt and are so regretful that you spend the rest of the week beating yourself up. But guilt is the enemy of the effective parent,...
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Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Our kids are on a journey to understand the world, the people around them, and their feelings and needs. When they don’t know how to communicate their emotions, it can lead to what I call storming – outbursts of big emotions in the form of yelling, crying, melting down, and generally giving us a hard...
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A Parent's Greatest Tool
Becoming a peaceful parent doesn’t happen overnight, it takes practice to implement new tools and a new way of parenting. This week, I’m sharing the greatest tool a parent can have to help you harness deep connection with your kids. Like any other relationship, the parent-child relationship requires continuous care and connection. One of my...
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The Pledge: The Most Important Work You Can Do
I have come to realize over time that to create a deep connection with our kids and peace in the home, we have to engage in peaceful parenting as a practice. Not something that we do occasionally, or on and off as and when we need it, but constantly, just like we would with any...
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How to Listen to Your Kids So It Makes a Difference
Welcome back to the podcast, it’s great to be here with you this week! Let me ask you, how often do you listen to your kids – like truly listen? This week, I’m sharing a magic tool to help you connect with your children, and it is going to be a gamechanger for your parenting!...
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How to Become a Peaceful Parent
Welcome to the Real World Peaceful Parenting podcast, I’m so happy to have you joining me today! If you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, and like you didn’t get the memo that everybody else seems to have gotten when it comes to parenting, this podcast is for you! Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but it’s never...
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