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Life Lesson: Consult The Experts

A few years ago my husband and I attended “Unleash the Power Within” with Tony Robbins. It as an amazing 4 days. We walked on fire, learned a ton about ourselves, healed our pasts, forgave, designed a plan for our future and generally had an amazing time. Tony, of course, was fantastic, amazing, inspiring, smart,...
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I Was Teaching My Son To Be Angry

I was one of those people that said if I ever have kids I would raise them differently than I was raised and I meant it. Then I had a boy that I loved more than anything and I often found myself doing what I said I wouldn’t do and parenting in a way I...
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The Blessing of Compassion

Today was 1st day of school at a new school and a bit scary for both of us. I asked the Universe since Sunday for lots of patience and understanding with my boy for the next few days. I really wanted to hold the space for him feel his feelings and I feel so good...
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